We are João and Daniela.

With creativity and a sensitive eye, we love to blend the sentimental side with the intensity of the celebration in our wedding films. This truly defines our style of creating wedding films.

Sharing our work with you is important to us so that we can introduce you to our passion and allow you to experience it through our eyes and perspective. We want every person who watches our films to know that it's all about you. We want each viewer to smile, cry, cheer, but above all, celebrate. Capturing the moments so that in the end, each of these people feels what you were feeling. Crying with your emotions, dancing with your joy, even if they don't know you from anywhere. If we can convey these feelings, we know we're on the right path.

That's our commitment!

João Araújo,

He began his journey in this world because of a photograph he had taken with Christmas lights around him. At the time, a photographer noticed him, but he ended up learning about video. After two months, he left and worked as a freelancer for a few years until he had the opportunity for a job contract (for those who remember, a few years ago, getting an interview was already lucky!).

In 2019, tired of not being able to do things his way and arriving at weddings without knowing the story of the couples and what defines them, he decided to take a risk and follow his own path.

That's when "João Araújo Films" was born, and later Daniela became part of the team. It no longer made sense to have only João's name associated with all this work and dedication.

In 2019, he achieved the title of Distinguished Videographer by APPImagem through the merits earned in the qualification of videographic works.

Daniela Ferreira,

He always had a passion for photography. He loved looking at albums and videos that his father made of him when he was a child and of all the family gatherings. He got his first camera at the age of 10 because he would always say, 'This would make a beautiful photograph,' everywhere he went.

He discovered the world of video with João and witnessed all of his progress and growth, but she wasn't as lucky. The opportunity that he had, no one gave it to her. She worked at a café for almost 9 years, always with the desire to enter this world!

When João decided to start his own company, she endured one more year at the café to have a stable income (with a young child, some stability is necessary). Then the pandemic hit, and she held on for one more year. In 2021, she managed to juggle both jobs. In 2022 she finally achieved her 'freedom' and could live from this full-time!

Let's get to know each other!

We enjoy getting to know you better and understanding your story. This will help us grasp what you value most and envision for your day.

We like to arrive and not feel like strangers knocking on your door to capture your wedding. We want to feel like we're a part of your day, but in moderation.

Our approach is very natural, and we rarely interfere or direct. We may make small adjustments for the best lighting and do little more that might disrupt what is happening.

What will remain in the memory?

It's all the moments and people who are coming to you and sharing the big day with you.

We often say that 50% of the work is ours, and the other 50% is yours. We'll be there just to capture what you, your family, and friends give us on your day. We also get emotional, a lot!

That's why we want you to feel comfortable with us, to identify with us, so you can be yourselves – without fear!

The day is about feeling. LIVING!


We have the superpower to make people travel back in time and relive the moment all over again.

How incredible is that?


João: +351934678080 - Custo da chamada para rede móvel nacional

Daniela: +351934687969 - Custo da chamada para rede móvel nacional

Rua Abade da Loureira, Nº88, 4730-593 - Turiz

Vila Verde / Braga