We had 1% chance but we did it because our love is stronger than anything else

We had 1% chance but we did it because our love is stronger than anything else

I so deeply love you and i'm so deeply loved by you. Infinitely!

Hi! We are João and Daniela.



The importance of sharing our work with you is so that we can let you know our passion and have the opportunity to experience it through our eyes and perspective. So that every person who sees this film, knows exactly that that is you. So that it is possible for each person to smile, cry, vibrate, but above all: celebrate. Capturing the moments so that, in the end, each of these people could feel what you were feeling.


Pack One


2 Videographers
Up to 10 Hours
Film (8-12 minutes)
Online Gallery

Pack Two


2 Videographers
Up to 12 Hours
Film (20-30 minutes)
Online Gallery


- Teaser 1-2 minutes (delivery up to 1 month after the wedding) 350€

- Drone €300

- Engagement Session up to 2 Hours €350 (additional images from the final film)

- Welcome Party 4 hour coverage €600

- Pen+Box €200

- Overtime 200€ (Limit up to 3 extra hours)

- Extra Videographer 350€

- Complete Speeches 200€

- Express Edition (up to 4 weeks after the wedding) €500

- Raw files €200

Na curva da vida e na esquina do tempo: o amor acontece!

Na curva da vida e na esquina do tempo: o amor acontece!



We want photography and video budget, do they?

No, we don't do photography, we're a video only company! We believe in specialization and this has been a complicated path to take because there are still many people who devalue or do not understand the importance of hiring a photographer and videographer separately.

There are so many great photographers waiting to meet you who will dedicate themselves to your story with all the attention you deserve! If you need help we can always give our suggestions.

We want same day edit, do they?

No, it is not part of what we believe to be the most important thing on a wedding day. We believe that the wedding day is much more than that. Not because there is a lack of quality to do so, but because we do not believe that the bride and groom are served in the best way. Our working method is to have both videographers record the day and capture the most important moments from every possible angle. This is what we believe and the way we work.

What can we expect from you on your wedding day?

We always have 2 videographers. We believe in the quality of our work and we want to maintain this service. We always want to have multiple angles and perspectives of the same moment.

There are weddings where we can even advise you to hire a third party, depending on the wedding and everything that will happen.

How is your way of working? Do they usually split?

Not! As we've already said, we want to always have different angles and perspectives of the same moment without it being boring for you, and so we don't have to ask you to repeat it - because it's not our working method - we always like to go both and let it flow.

From where and until when do they start working?

As a rule, we start with the preparations, but depending on the pack you choose, be aware that we will be with you 10/12h and organize your day so that we don't "miss" any moment that you consider important. In cases where this is not enough, they can hire extra hours (up to a maximum of 3 hours).

Can we pick songs/feed ideas for the final video?

The creative process and all reporting and editing are our sole responsibility, however any suggestions you may have will always be heard and taken into account.

We like our bride and groom to be aware of our work, like it and be sure that we are the ones they want to choose to register their wedding day.

Know that we must be one of the suppliers that lasts the longest in your lives: it starts long before, during and after - until the delivery of the final video.

The wedding day is a day full of emotions for you, we want to be there and experience them with you, so we want you to feel completely at ease with us.

What is the deadline?

The deadline for delivery of the final video is up to 8 months after the wedding day.

What are the travel costs?

Our packs include up to 50km of travel (Braga), the rest will be calculated on a case-by-case basis.

Trips greater than 100 km may involve stays.

How do we book your services?

So let's go!

In order for your date to be reserved, we will need your data to carry out the contract. After the contract is sent and signed, for it to be valid, you will have to pay 35% of the total amount.

In case of cancellation this fee will not be refunded.

Let's do it!

- For the date to be reserved, it is necessary to pay 35% of the final agreed amount. The 50% is paid until the wedding day and the last 15% when the work is finished.

- The average film delivery time is up to 8 months after the wedding.

- Packages include 50km of travel, the rest is calculated on a case-by-case basis.

- Displacements greater than 100km may imply stay(s).

- This quote is valid for 30 days.

Thank You!

Simply becomes real

Simply becomes real

This version of you saying: Yes!

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